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About Dual Immersion at Lynwood Elementary

In 2016, the Novato Unified School Board and District Office started a study on the feasibility and implementation of a Dual Immersion program located within one of the NUSD elementary schools.  For those unfamiliar with the term dual-immersion, the center for applied linguistics defines it as…

In dual language education programs, students are taught literacy and academic content in English and a partner language. The goals of dual language are for students to develop high levels of language proficiency and literacy in both program languages, to demonstrate high levels of academic achievement, and to develop an appreciation for and an understanding of diverse cultures.

Lynwood is excited to bring this amazing opportunity to our students and community at large, and we hope to provide more details as the exploratory committee continues to assemble great work on the foundations of our program.  Please feel free to examine the document linked on the right for more information about timing of this program development.

Dual Immersion Overview and Timeline
Dual Immersion Committee at NUSD

Dual Immersion Goals at Lynwood Elementary School

Inmersión Dual

  •       Proveer una excelente experiencia educativa en un ambiente que cultive las habilidades fundamentales para el bilingüismo (español-inglés), así como la alfabetización bilingüe y el multiculturalismo.
  •       Empezar con una mezcla de instrucción con 90% en español y 10% en inglés en las materias de enseñanza en KT/Kínder, incrementándola hacia un equilibrio de 50/50 de instrucción en español e inglés (90/10 en 1o, 70/30 en 2o, 60/40 en 3o, 50/50 en 4o y así sucesivamente). En seis años, el distrito tendrá al menos una escuela totalmente  articulada de inmersión dual (DI).
  •       Lo ideal será tener una mezcla equilibrada de alumnos para quienes el español y el inglés sean sus idiomas primarios.
  •       Crear el programa usando las mejores prácticas actuales basadas en la evidencia con un comité de supervisión local que incluya a una variedad de participantes.
Dual Immersion

·       Provide an excellent educational experience in an environment that cultivates foundational skills for bilingualism (Spanish-English), as well as bi-literacy and multi-culturalism.

·       Starting with a 90% Spanish/10% English mix of instruction across the subject areas in TK/Kinder, incrementally achieve a 50/50 balance of instruction in Spanish and English (90/10 in 1st, 80/20 in 2nd, 70/30 in 3rd, 60/40 in 4th and 50/50 in 5th). Within six years, the district will have at least one fully-articulated DI school.

·       Ideally, have an equitable mix of students for whom Spanish or English is their primary language.

·       Craft the program using current, evidence-based best practices with a local oversight committee that includes a variety of stakeholders.

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